This department offers 4 current majors: Chemistry, Biochemistry, General Chemistry, and Chemistry-Materials Science. These majors are complex subjects that require a strong background in math, physics, and biology. For any of these majors, you will be required to take a series of rigorous preparation courses to aid you in your understanding of the various chemical fields. The organization of the curriculum will allow you to begin taking chemistry courses, along with other preparation courses, during your first quarters at UCLA.

Note: The Undergraduate Office is currently working on a hybrid schedule. The most reliable method of communication is through email; please be sure to include your full name and UID, and allow for up to 2 business days to receive a response. Advising is by appointment only and can be set up by email or through MyUCLA under Academics – Appointments.

Email: ugrad@chem.ucla.edu

Please check this page for up-to-date advising options. Additional options may be rolled out in the future.

Major Requirements

Undergraduate FAQ

Enrollment Assistance

**Please note that the Undergraduate office can only help with enrollment for Chemistry & Biochemistry courses. If you need assistance with other courses outside of the department, please contact the respective department

If you are having trouble enrolling in a Chemistry or Biochemistry course, please email The Undergraduate Office (ugrad@chem.ucla.edu) with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your student ID number
  • The Chemistry or Biochemistry course you wish to enroll into
  • The 9-digit course ID number of the discussion section or lab you wish to enroll into. Note: If you enroll in a discussion or lab, you will automatically be enrolled in the corresponding lecture.

Please take note the following situations:

  • You are only allowed 10 units total on your priority/1st pass. The Undergraduate Office is not able to override this restriction. If you request that we add you to a course during 1st pass but you are already at 10 units, we will not be able to enroll you.
  • If you are currently taking the pre-requisite for the course and it has not been transferred to UCLA, please attach an unofficial copy of your enrollment in the course to your email.
  • If you are attempting to enroll in a course that you have not met the pre-requisites for, you must contact the instructor of the course and get written approval (via email) to take the course without having met the pre-requisites. Please forward this approval to the Undergraduate Office and include the information mentioned above for enrollment consideration. Warning: Courses in a sequence must be completed in the appropriate order to earn credit. If you complete a more advanced course in a sequence prior to taking its pre-requisite, this is considered a sequence violation and the pre-requisite course would yield no credit.
  • Upper division lab courses (114, 136, 144, 154 174, 184 and 185) are wait-list only; you will not be able to enroll in them during priority pass. Enrollment priority is given to graduating seniors. Please put yourself on the wait-list during 1st pass and proceed to attend class; final enrollment decisions will be made by the end of the first week.