Academic advising at UCLA is a partnership between the student and their College and departmental advisors. Students should work with both their College and departmental advisors not only to ensure they are completing all degree requirements and graduating on time, but also to maximize their time at UCLA by exploring co-curricular opportunities.

College Advising
Designed to help students plan their academic careers at UCLA, including satisfying degree requirements, planning their programs, deciding on a major, thinking about graduate school and career plans, and considering how they can best engage at UCLA.
College Advising Units
College Academic Counseling (CAC)
A-316 Murphy Hall
(310) 825-3382
Academic Advancement Program (AAP)
1205 Campbell Hall

 (310) 825-1481
Honors Programs
A-311 Murphy Hall
(310) 825-1553
Student Athletics
J.D. Morgan Center
(310) 825-8699
Departmental Advising
Addresses anything to do with specific major or minor requirements. This includes major/minor eligibility criteria and application process, courses, department-specific scholarships and opportunities, graduate school, and careers.
Location: Young Hall 4009
Hours: M-F 8am-12pm, 1-4:30pm
Drop-in Hours:

Monday: 10am-12pm (Zoom – Starting Fall)
Tuesday: 8am-12pm, 1-4pm (In-Person)
Wednesday: 8am-12pm, 1-4pm (In-Person)
Thursday: 1-3pm (Zoom – Starting Fall)
Friday: 8am-12pm, 1-4pm (In-Person)
Advising Appointments

To schedule up to a 30-minute appointment, you can email us at In your email, please include the following:

• First Name and Last Name

• UID # (e.g. 123456789)

• A brief description of the main purpose for the appointment (e.g. course planning, change of major, etc.)

• At least 2 separate days/times that you are available for a 30-minute meeting in the next 5 business days.

• Whether you prefer in-person or Zoom.