Welcoming our largest 1st year Ph.D. student cohort ever

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History was made this year when we welcomed 94 new graduate students to the department!   

It is the largest cohort the department has ever had with 11 biochemistry students and 83 chemistry students. Close to half of the new incoming cohort are women and, this quarter, the department has added an 8th specialization – chemical biology. 

Members of the department welcomed the students at a beer and pizza reception in the Court of Sciences patio on Friday, September 16th. 

(From left) Graduate student Tian Deng with Prof. Yung-Ya Lin. Biochemistry faculty Profs. Sri Kosuri, Chris Lee and Steven Clarke.

(From left) Paul Weiss group graduate students – Nako Nakatsuka, Gail Vinnacombe, Liv Katherine Neidenreich and Hannah Friedman. Profs. Alex Spokoyny and Ellyn Sletten.

(From left) Graduate Student Affairs Officers Justyna Wojtach and Nick Baerg.  Prof. Joe Loo, Dr. Rachel Loo, Prof. Jose Rodriguez,  Biochemistry Divisional Assistants Marla Gonzalez and Delaney Knorr.

0916 4
Graduate students Morgan Howe, Trevor Chang, instructor Dr. Eric Scerri, Calina Glynn, Madeline Gelb, and Maeve Nagle.

0916 5
Undergraduate researcher Jay Gietzelt with graduate students Daniel Estabrook, Jessica Logan, Rachel Day, Edris Rivera, and Isaac Benavides

0916 Mon7
Graduates students Bianca Ramirez, Stephanie Quan, Robert Jordan, with Prof. Yves Rubin, Teacher-Scholar Dr. Zhao Li and graduate student Taylor Aubry.

0916 Mon10
(From left Graduate students Jing Yan (John) Wang, Joseph Ong, Xiaoyang Fu, Peiqi Wang and alumna Dr. Cathy Yan Jin.

0916 6
Graduate students Monica Pengshung, Roy Pan, Brian Shao, Katherine Bay, and Ga Young Lee

0916 9
(From left) Graduate students Vincent Hipwell, Dan Zhu,  Ben Lesel, Andrew Dawson, Jeff Kurish and Yiyi Yao.

0916 8
(From left) Graduate students Jennifer Ngo, Michael Leclaire, Christopher Sue, Victor Zhao, Wilberth Narvaez.

Photos by Penny Jennings, UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry