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Professor Margot Quinlan was presented with the 2013 UCLA Alpha Chi Sigma (AXE) Glenn T. Seaborg Award at the annual AXE Seaborg Banquet held in May 2013.

The 2013 Alpha Chi Sigma Glenn T. Seaborg Award (not to be confused with the Glenn T. Seaborg Medal awarded by the department) was presented to Professor Margot Quinlan. The award facilitated by the Beta Gamma Chapter of the Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity has annually presented the Glenn T. Seaborg Award to a UCLA Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty member under the age of forty or within 12 years of his/her first tenure-track faculty appointment.  The award recognizes outstanding achievements by early-career faculty in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, with emphasis is on research and scholarly impact and consideration also given to outstanding teaching, mentoring and professional service.

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UCLA Alpha Chi Sigma at Bruin Day 2012 (Left) / Photo from the 2013 AXE Seaborg Banquet (Right)

Professor Quinlan’s Lab uses biochemistry, microscopy and genetic approaches to study dynamics of the actin cytoskeleton. The Quinlan Lab is currently focusing on Spire and Cappuccino, two proteins that collaborate to build an actin network essential for early body axis development in Drosophila. Combining an in vitro understanding of the mechanism of Spir and Capu with in vivo studies in oogenesis should provide insight into how the actin cytoskeleton is regulated and a broader understanding of cell polarity. Dr. Christina Vizcarra (postdoctoral fellow in the Quinlan Lab) accepted the award on behalf of Margot Quinlan and gave a presentation about the lab’s research.

Margot Christina
Professor Margot Quinlan (Left) / Dr. Christina Vizcarra (Right)

For more information about UCLA Alpha Chi Sigma, please visit their webpage.
Glenn T. Seaborg’s biography is available at Nobelprize.org

Thank you to Claire Le Maitre (Student President of UCLA Alpha Chi Sigma) who provided this story.