Chemistry Ph.D. student competes in world championships for artistic roller skating

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Third year graduate student Joyann Barber finds time to follow her skating passion, while also pursuing graduate studies in organic chemistry.

Barber3 0Barber conducts research in the lab of Prof. Neil Garg and is also a trainee in the NIH-funded UCLA Chemistry-Biology Interface (CBI) Predoctoral Research Training Program. 

She just recently competed in the 2016 Artistic Roller Skating World Championships in Novara, Italy. (All skating photos are from the competition.) Artistic roller skating is similar to the ice skating seen in the Olympics where competitors do specific jumps, spins, and choreography, but on quad roller skates. Earlier this year, Barber placed 3rd in her singles event and 1st in her group event at the National Championships, earning her two spots on Team USA. In the world competition, she competed in both events and ultimately ranked 16 out of 39 athletes in the singles competition.

Barber’s research involves the study of highly reactive intermediates called cyclic allenes. Her first author paper, “Nitrone Cycloadditions of 1,2-Cyclohexadiene” was published in the February 2016 issue of the

Journal of the American Chemical Society


Her research advisor Garg, notes “we were all thrilled when Joyann qualified for the World skating competition again this year. It is humbling to consider that Joyann has been able to excel in our graduate program and her dissertation studies, while being one of the best skaters in the world.” 

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Third year chemistry graduate student Joyann Barber on the rink and in the lab.

Photos courtesy of Joyann Barber.