UCLA/West Coast University School of Pharmacy (WCU) PharmD Linkage Program

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The UCLA Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry has partnered with the West Coast University (WCU) School of Pharmacy (SOP) to create a PharmD Linkage Program that is designed specifically for UCLA chemistry and biochemistry students or alumni who are interested in obtaining their PharmD degree at WCU

WCU is among  the first pharmacy schools in the nation to introduce an accelerated hybrid curriculum, enabling students to earn their degree in less than three years. The Doctor of Pharmacy program at WCU is designed to equip students for the opportunities and challenges in today’s pharmacy field. This is achieved through a blend of classroom learning, in-person clinical practice, and community outreach activities including wellness fairs and immunization clinics. The study is conducted online, with one week per trimester dedicated to hands-on practice at WCU’s Center for Graduate Studies campus in the heart of Los Angeles.

To be eligible for this program, students must complete the PharmD Admission Prerequisites and the published PharmD Admission requirements. 

Students or alumni can apply to the linkage program by September 1st annually. Students accepted into the UCLA-WCU PharmD Linkage Program will be guaranteed a matriculation interview and considered for acceptance by the Admissions Committee of the WCU School of Pharmacy.

For more detailed information about the UCLA/WCU PharmD Linkage Program, click here.