UC Center for Laboratory Safety

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Craig Merlic

Professor Craig Merlic was recently appointed as the Executive Director of the UC Center for Laboratory Safety.

Professor Merlic was appointed in December 2014 by the Advisory Board of the UC Center for Laboratory Safety (Center). The Center was created to improve the practice of laboratory safety through the performance of scientific research and implementation of best safety practices in the laboratory. It operates under the oversight of the UC Center for Laboratory Safety Advisory Board with technical support from the UCLA Office of Environment, Health and Safety and the UCLA School of Public Health – Department of Environmental Health Sciences.

Professor Merlic with his research group members

Professor Merlic has been very active promoting chemical safety at UCLA and in the University of California system. He serves as chair of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Safety Committee and chair of the campus-wide Chemical and Physical Safety Committee and is a member of the UCLA Safety Oversight Committee. At the University of California system-wide level, he directs an information technology group creating safety software tools for use at all ten university campuses. He received an Outstanding Product Owner award from UC Davis Information Technology Services for his leadership directing a software development team.