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Professor Paul Weiss group’s cover article in ACS Nano on etching silicon nanotubes is featured as “editor’s choice” in Science Magazine.

In the original work, they report a robust and general strategy called multiple-patterning nanosphere lithography for the scalable and tunable fabrication of periodic 3D hierarchical nanostructures. The technique exploits the selected and repeated etching of polymer nanospheres that serve as resists and that can be shaped in parallel for each processing step. Using this technique, they demonstrated the fabrication of periodic, vertically aligned Si nanotubes across large areas with nanometer-scale control in 3D including outer/inner diameters, heights/hole-depths, and pitches. The method was also utilized to construct 3D periodic hierarchical hybrid nanostructures such as multi-level solid/hollow nanotowers where the height and diameter of each level of each structure can be configured precisely as well as 3D concentric plasmonic nanodisk/nanorings with tunable optical properties.

The paper titled “Multiple-Patterning Nanosphere Lithography for Fabricating Periodic Three-Dimensional Hierarchical Nanostructures” was published in ACS Nano in October 2017 and it was featured as “editor’s choice” in the November 17, 2017 issue of Science Magazine.

Lead author was postdoctoral researcher Dr. Xiaobin Xu, and co-authors were graduate students Qing Yang, Natcha Wattanatorn, and Chuanzhen Zhao, researchers Dr. Naihao Chiang and Dr. Steven J. Jonas, and Paul S. Weiss.

To learn more about the Weiss group’s research visit their website.

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The cover of the October 2017 ACS Nano issue featuring the article honored as “editor’s choice” by Science Magazine.