Professor James Gimzewski’s research featured at Art|Sci Gallery at CNSI.

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Professor James Gimzewski’s research exhibited at CNSI Art|Sci gallery through March 18th.

The exhibition titled “Museum of Endoluminosity” features Professor Gimzewski’s research on nanodiamonds. The gallery is in the California NanoSystems’ (CNSI) 5th-floor presentation space and viewings are by appointment only.

Excerpt from UCLA Newsroom article: Nanodiamonds — diamonds small enough to enter living cells — could be instrumental in curing cancer, improving the immune system of the elderly and helping to heal wounds after surgery, researchers have shown, including UCLA bioengineering professor Dean Ho and chemistry professor Jim Gimzewski, both of them members of UCLA’s California NanoScience Institute (CNSI).
CNSI Exhibit

Extending scientific research into a realm of imagination and belief, the exhibition, “Museum of Endo-luminosity”  also suggests imagery that people might use for visualization during physical illness and psychological distress. 

The project was developed by Mick Lorusso, an interdisciplinary artist who coordinates workshops and exhibitions at the ART|SCI Gallery, in conversation and collaboration with UCLA Art|Sci Collective, professors Ho and Gimzewski, and others. 

For more information visit the CNSI website.

For more information about Prof. Gimzewski’s research visit is website.