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Guilt Trip

UCLA Organic Chemistry was highlighted in Paramount Pictures’ The Guilt Trip, a comedy-drama film starring Barbara Streisand and Seth Rogan.

In the movie, Andy Brewster (Seth Rogan) is a down on luck inventor attempting to get his organic cleaning product in a major retail store. The plan for a quick stop at Mom’s (before a pitch trip to Home Shopping Network in Las Vegas) takes a sudden turn when an impulse compels Andy to invite his mother, Joyce (Barbra Streisand), on an 8-day, 3,000 mile, journey across the country. The mother and son grow closer the farther they go, leaving Andy to realize that they have more in common than he ever imagined.

Guilt%20Trip UCLA Organic Chemistry is mentioned during Andy’s revelations with his mom…

Andy: Do you remember what I used to say when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up?

I didn’t say baseball player. A lot of my friends wanted to be Power Rangers. That was a very popular profession.

Andy: I was the weirdest kid in the world, because I said organic chemist every time! I mean, that’s the only thing I ever wanted to be… Do you remember that?

Joyce: Yes, I do. Always doing these strange experiments in the basement, wearing these goggles. I remember them. Four times too big for your head.

Andy: Dude, those things saved my eyes many times…

Andy: I went to UCLA, because they have the best organic chemistry program in the country. That’s the only reason…

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