Graduate student to speak at UN Economic Commissions for Africa Forum

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AJ Addae

Chemical biology graduate student AJ Addae (Paul S. Weiss group) will be speaking at the United Nations Economic Commissions for Africa’s Forum of the Alliance of Entrepreneurial Universities in Africa, to be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on October 10, 2023.

Before coming to UCLA, Addae founded SULA LABS, a research and development laboratory that specializes in developing and clinically testing cosmetics for individuals with darker skin tones. She will be speaking about the company’s data concerning the optimization of 3D ex vivo epidermal tissue models as an investigative tool for assessing the life cycle of chronic skin conditions and the efficacy of over-the-counter drugs in darker skin tones.

Addae joined UCLA’s chemical biology graduate program in 2022, working in the group of Professor Paul S. Weiss, where she is studying the surface functionalization of metal oxide-based UV attenuators at the nanoscale for use in sunscreen formulations. Her work in the Weiss lab has brought forth collaborationa with dermatologists from the medical school, as well as professors from around the world. In April, Addae was featured in UCLA Newsroom.