Freshman Bruin Day 2018

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Saturday, April 14th was the annual Freshman Bruin Day for 2018 for newly admitted undergraduate students.

The Chemistry & Biochemistry booth had student volunteers from Alpha Chi Sigma {AXE} and Student Members of the American Chemical Society (SMACS), along with Denise Mantonya, Tim Mahlanza and Corinne Allas. 

Admitted students and their families seemed to particularly enjoy the opportunity to speak with faculty members personally. Chemistry and Biochemistry professors Zhao Li, Yung-Ya Lin, Ric Kaner and Dean of Physical Sciences and Professor of Organic Chemistry Miguel Garcia-Garibay.  

Our Undergraduate office staff, student volunteers, and faculty members spent the day answering questions about research, academic programs, and student life at UCLA. Many admitted students made their decision to attend UCLA during Bruin Day! We are excited to welcome the new class of Bruins.

Transfer Bruin Day, for admitted transfer students, will take place Saturday, May 12, 2018.

Text and photos by Chemistry and Biochemistry Student Affairs Officer Denise Mantonya and Corinne Allas.

IMG 0674
Volunteers at the Chemistry & Biochemistry booth.

IMG 0682
Crowds in front of the Physical Sciences booths. 

IMG 0684

Elements sign on booth