Congratulations to this year’s Dissertation Year Fellowship recipients

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14 chemistry & biochemistry graduate student researchers received the 2023-2024 UCLA Graduate Division Dissertation Year Fellowship (DYF). Additionally, two students who work within chemistry and biochemistry labs from the BBSB and MSE programs have also been awarded the fellowship.

The fellowship is intended to support doctoral students who are within one year of completing and filing their dissertation. It includes a $20,000 stipend plus standard tuition and fees (excluding nonresident tuition). Each year, approximately 200 Dissertation Year Fellowships (DYF) are awarded to UCLA graduate students who are nominated for the fellowship by their department.

This year’s DYF recipients pictured above – beginning at top row, left to right – Lisa Boatner (Backus/Houk groups), Nikolas Burton (Backus group), Yi Xiao (Sean) Jiang (Eisenberg group, BBSB), Musibau Francis Jimoh (Kaner group, MSE), Brandon Jolly (Liu group), Ashley Julio (Backus group), Grace Kunkel (Maynard group), Zerina Mehmedović (Schwartz group), Cameron Movassaghi (Andrews group), Aamir Hassan Shah (Duan group), Jun Shen (Weiss group), Alexander Stevens (Zhou group), Mikayla Tan (Maynard group), Joseph Treacy (Houk/Maynard groups), Jingyu Wang (Liu group), and Zisheng Zhang (Alexandrova group).

Penny Jennings, UCLA Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry,