Chemistry and Biochemistry Leadership Update

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Department Chair Prof. Alexander Spokoyny has announced the 2023-24 academic year’s Vice Chairs (VC), while also expressing gratitude to the previous department leadership team.

After his term as Department Chair ended on June 31, 2023, Prof. Neil Garg agreed to stay on as Vice Chair for Academic Personnel and Prof. Jorge Torres will continue as Vice Chair for Undergraduate Education. Prof. Abby Kavner will now serve as the Vice Chair for Graduate Education and Prof. Justin Caram will take on the role of Vice Chair for Space Allocation.

Departmental Vice Chairs – (from left) Profs. Neil Garg, Jorge Torres, Abby Kavner, Justin Caram.

During a faculty and staff reception on July 25, Prof. Spokoyny expressed his deep appreciation to the previous department leadership team, presenting crystal awards to those present. The honorees included Prof. Neil Garg (Chair, 2019-23), Prof. Anastassia Alexandrova (VC for Undergraduate Education, 2019-22), Prof. Patrick Harran (VC for Graduate Education, 2019-22), Prof. Margot Quinlan (VC for Space Allocation, 2019-22, and Academic Personnel, 2019-23), and Prof. Ellen Sletten (VC for Graduate Education, 2022-23). Faculty and staff joined in celebrating their outstanding contributions to the department’s success.

Previous Departmental Leadership Team – (from left) Profs. Anastassia Alexandrova, Patrick Harran, Margot Quinlan, and Ellen Sletten.

Penny Jennings, UCLA Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry,