CCHF C-H Functionalization Virtual Symposium 07

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The Houk group hosted the CCHF Virtual Symposium 07 sponsored by the Center for Selective C-H Functionalization (CHF) on July 18, 2017.

The CCHF is an NSF-funded Center for Chemical Innovation (CCI) to which the Prof. Ken Houk’s group belongs. 

Projected to students and postdocs via U-tube, the symposium featured the following talks: “Bringing Modern Data Analysis Tools to Prediction and Understanding in Organic Chemistry” by Prof. Matthew Sigman (University of Utah), “Nitrene Transfer Catalysis: Correlating Electronic Structure with Reactivity” by Prof. Jennifer Schomaker and Prof. John Berry (University of Wisconsin at Madison), and “Chiral Cyclopentadienyls: Enabling Ligands for Asymmetric C-H Functionalizations” by Prof. Nicolai Cramer (EPFL, Switzerland).  Free donuts were provided to all in attendance.

Screen shots of Prof. Ken Houk and attendees at the virtual symposium.

Screen shots of Prof. Ken Houk and attendees at the virtual symposium. 

The CCHF is hosting a Virtual Symposia Series scheduled three times a year, each featuring frontier research in the C–H functionalization field to the worldwide academic and industry community. Each symposium features four speakers from the CCHF and from the broader C–H functionalization community, with each speaker presenting for 20 minutes, so these are concise and information-packed talks. The CCHF Virtual Symposia are accessible to all who are interested via YouTube broadcast or VidYo portal. Questions are asked via an online chatbox managed by the meeting moderators.

The Houk group also hosted the CCHF Virtual Symposium 04 on June 7, 2016.

To learn more about the Houk group’s research, visit their website.