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CBGSA Willows

The Chemistry and Biochemistry Graduate Student Association (CBGSA) recently visited The Willows Community School, where they engaged 8th-grade students by demonstrating exciting chemistry experiments.

The event was was organized by CBGSA. The event took place in May 2014 at The Willows Community School in Culver City, CA. During the event, graduate students from the UCLA Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry demonstrated and engaged 8th-grade students in several experiments ranging from chromatography to polymer chemistry. In one experiment, the Willows School students learned how to make silly putty, which they got to take home! Participants from CBGSA included: Jessica Grandner, Andrea Hadjikyriacou, Danica Ostrander, Ben Lesel, Vanessa Breslin, Tyler Allred, Brian McVerry, and Grace Huang.

The event was a great success and will be turned into an annual event. CBGSA hopes to continue to expand the number of outreach opportunities available to interested members of the department. Volunteers for these events and suggestions for future events are always welcomed and encouraged (cbgsa@chem.ucla.edu).





Photo Credit: cooperbatesphotography.com