40 Under 40: Professors Who Inspire

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Professor Neil Garg has been selected by NerdScholar in their list of “40 (professors) under 40 (years of age)” who inspire their students “to be the world leaders and humanitarians of tomorrow.”

NerdScholar: Garg has been an organic chemistry professor at the university for the past seven years, during which time he has gained a reputation for going out of his way to help students, even outside class and office hours. In one student’s review of his class, the student wrote: “Garg made us all feel like superheroes.” Because his classes are so popular, they are often difficult to get a seat in, so students are delighted when they do. This type of enthusiasm and effectiveness is what landed Professor Garg on our list. – See more at: http://www.nerdwallet.com/nerdscholar/40-under-40#neil-garg

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Neil Garg with his Chemistry 14D Students (Credit: Penny Jennings)

NerdScholar’s methodology:

These 40 inspirational professors were nominated based on their ability to captivate and engage students in the classroom, desire to interact with students outside of class and collaborate on research projects. Nominations were collected through student and faculty recommendations, articles such as the Princeton Review’s Best Professors list and other pieces highlighting universities with outstanding professors, supplemented by crowd-sourced review sites such as RateMyProfessors and CourseRank. 

About NerdScholar:

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