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Dr. Eric Scerri’s latest book, A Tale of Seven Elements, was recently reviewed by the New Scientist and Times Higher Education.

The New Scientist is a UK based international science magazine founded in 1956 with a global audience of three million+ readers. The magazine covers current developments, news, and commentary from the scientific community. An excerpt from the New Scientist’s review states, “[T]his is a brilliant book about the interface of chemistry and physics. Above all, the stories argue powerfully for curiosity-driven research, and show how hard it is to see the wood for the trees in the thick of a scientific battle. They are powerful reminders, too, that the scientific method always allows the truth to shine through, you just have to be patient.”

Times Higher Education is a magazine based in London, reporting specificially on news and other issues related to higher education. An excerpt from the magazine’s review states, “As a professional historian of chemistry who thought that he already knew these stories, I was surprised by how much novel and interesting material Scerri has unearthed in this admirable book. He offers corrections to many long-standing textbook errors, both historical and scientific, and presents a fresh, thoroughly researched understanding of a complex web of interacting research during a period of about 30 years.”

The full reviews are available at the New Scientist and Times Higher Education.

In other news, Eric Scerri’s book, The Periodic Table: It’s Story and Its Significance, was recently released in Polish Translation.

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