Best Science Books of 2013

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A Tale of Seven Elements by Dr. Eric Scerri has been selected by NewScientist in their list of the best science books of 2013.

The full list by NewScientist is available here. First published in 1956, New Scientist is a weekly science and technology magazine read by 778,593 people worldwide each week (NRS Jul 12 – Jun 13, Publishers Statement, Roy Morgan Jul 12 – Jun 13). Featuring a selection of the latest news stories from the worlds of science and technology, alongside in-depth features exploring the latest ideas that affect the world and how we understand it, reviews of the latest culturally relevant books, films or art and stunning imagery from around the world and beyond.

UPDATE (June 26, 2014): A Tale of Seven Elements was recently received a glowing review by Professor Lowell H. Hall (Eastern Nazarene College, Quincy, MA).  The full review is available here.

In other news, Royal Society of Chemistry’s Chemistry World recently reviewed 30-Second Elements, the latest book by Dr. Eric Scerri.  The full review by Lars Ohrstrom is available here.

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