2019 Glenn T. Seaborg Symposium and Medal Dinner

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Nanoscience pioneer Professor Paul Alivisatos (UC Berkeley) was awarded the 2019 Seaborg Medal in recognition of his seminal contributions to the field.

A symposium titled “The Nanotechnology Revolution”, a poster session, and an evening banquet were held in Alivisatos’ honor on Saturday, November 23, 2019, on the UCLA campus.

 A photo gallery from the event can be viewed here and select photos can be viewed below. 

The Glenn T. Seaborg Medal was established in 1987 and given annually by the UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry to honor individuals for their significant contributions to chemistry and biochemistry.


2019 Seaborg Symposium speakers and introducers – (from left) Professors Bill Gelbart, Richard Kaner, Paul Weiss, Moungi Bawendi, Yu Huang, Uri Banin, Paul Alivisatos, Ben Schwartz, Dmitri Talapin, Sarah Tolbert, and Justin Caram.

At the afternoon symposium, Professor Richard Kaner (UCLA) made the welcoming remarks, and talks followed by Professor Dmitri Talapin (University of Chicago), who was introduced by Professor Yu Huang (UCLA); Professor Sarah Tolbert (UCLA), who was introduced by 2017 Seaborg Medalist Professor William Gelbart (UCLA); Professor Moungi Bawendi (MIT), who was introduced by Professor Justin Caram (UCLA); Professor Uri Banin (Hebrew University), who was introduced by Professor Benjamin Schwartz (UCLA); and Professor Paul Alivisatos, who was introduced by Professor Paul Weiss (UCLA). Over 250 people attended the symposium held at the UCLA California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI).  

A poster session by chemistry and biochemistry postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduate students was held as part of the symposium in the CNSI lobby.

Following the symposium, a reception and dinner were held at the UCLA Covel Commons Grand Horizon Terrace and Ballroom. The dinner began with welcoming remarks by UCLA Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Professor Emily Carter. Department Chair Professor Neil Garg kicked off the awards portion of the evening by welcoming the over 125 guests and acknowledging the special guests who attended. 

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UCLA Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Professor Emily Carter presented Professor Paul Alivisatos with the 2019 Glenn T. Seaborg Medal. (Right) Alivisatos makes his acceptance speech.

Poster session winners with judges: (from left) Dr. Marlius Castillo, Dr. Anish Nag, Vince Hipwell, Stephanie Tenney, Jason Chari, Nicholas Bernier, Ga Young (Gina) Lee, Dr. Agape Awad.

UCLA Graduate Division Vice Provost and Dean Robin Garrell then presented a slide show reflecting on the life and career of Glenn T. Seaborg, the graduate and lifelong friend of UCLA, after whom the Seaborg medal is named. 

The poster session judges Adjunct Assistant Professors Agape Awad, Anish Nag, and Marlius Castillo then announced the five poster session award winners. Carter then presented the 2019 Glenn T. Seaborg Medal to Alivisatos. 

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(Left) At the coffee break and poster session – Department Chair Professor Neil Garg (center) with his group members Milauni Mehta, Melissa Ramirez, Katie Spence, and Jacob Dander. (Right) Ravipa Losakul and Aracely Gutierrez from Cal State Northridge.
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(Left) Caram group members Hannah Friedman, Dr. Timothy Atallah, Anthony Sic, and Stephanie Tenney, (right) undergraduate researcher Vivian Wall (Tolbert group) explains her research poster. 

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(Left) Professor Shimon Weiss (UCLA), Uri Banin (symposium speaker, Hebrew University), and Raphael Levine (UCLA). (Right) Graduate student Anthony Spearman (Sletten group). 

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At the Seaborg Medal Dinner – (left) 2018 Legacy Award recipients Dr. Atsuko Fujimoto and Dr. Audree Fowler. (Right) 1992 Seaborg Medalist Professor Ralph Bauer and his wife Charlene with Dean Robin Garrell (center).

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(Left) At the reception – A

drian Gomez (UCLA PhD Candidate), Erick Avila (Cal State LA RISE Undergraduate Scholar), Willmer Flores (Cal State LA MARC U-STAR Scholar), Adiel Perez (Cal State LA Bridges to the PhD Scholar), and Yessica Nelson (Cal State LA MARC U-STAR Scholar). 

(Right) Former UCLA Vice Chancellor for Research Roberto Peccei and his wife Jocelyn.
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(Left) Professors Paul Weiss, Anne Andrews and Michael Jung. (Right) Seaborg event volunteers undergraduates Tracie Luu, Gregory Gorobets, and Jackie Lopez.

The department wishes to thank the generous support of the following donors whose donations made the Seaborg events possible: Amgen, CNSI at UCLA, ACS Nano, Nano Letters, Kathy R. Bailey, Atsuko and Akira Fujimoto, Kendall N. Houk, David and Kathleen Jackson, De-En Jiang and Jianbo Xu, William and Nina Gelbart, Michael Gresser, June Kim, Charles and Carolyn Knobler, Jeong Hoon Ko, Chong Liu, Emil and Hanna Reisler, Melville and Irene Sahyun. Join us on Saturday, October 17, 2020 for the Glenn T. Seaborg Symposium and Medal Dinner honoring 2020 Seaborg Medalist Dr. Carolyn Bertozzi (Stanford University). To learn more visit www.seaborg.ucla.edu.

Photos by Rich Schmitt and Penny Jennings. Article by Penny Jennings, UCLA Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, penny@chem.ucla.edu.