2017 Robert Scott Lecture

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Professor Katja Lindenberg (University of California, San Diego) presented the 11th annual Robert Scott lecture on October 16, 2017.  

Lindenberg, the Chancellor’s Associates Chair Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the UC San Diego, is widely known for her research on non-equilibrium statistical mechanics. She has addressed problems such as energy and information transport in biopolymers, and the mechanisms by which patterns, both spatial and temporal,  spontaneously evolve in thermodynamically open systems. Her talk entitled “Synchronization (and Anti-Synchronization) of Noisy Arrays of Coupled Oscillators: The Simplest Models” examined temporal pattern formation in models of coupled Markov chains of just a few states.

Scott%2CRober Smallt 0Professor Robert Scott (pictured right), for whom the lecture series is named, was a distinguished physical chemist at UCLA. He joined the UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in 1948. After his retirement in 1993 he continued to be very active in the department. He passed away on May 1, 2016 at age 94.  Read more about Scott’s life and work here.  

Lindenberg joins a group of distinguished scientists who have been Robert L. Scott Lecturers: Benjamin Widom (Cornell), David Chandler (UC Berkeley), Hans Andersen (Stanford), John Weeks (Maryland), Eric Dickinson (Leeds), Andrea Liu (Penn), Stuart Rice (Chicago), Daan Frenkel (Cambridge), Zhen-Gang Wang (Caltech), and Alexander (Shura) Grosberg (New York University).

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Prof. Lindenberg during her lecture.

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At the reception following the lecture: (left) Prof. Bill Gelbart, Prof. Chuck Knobler, Prof. Lindenberg, Prof. Yung Ya-Lin.  

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(From left) Graduate students Hannah Friedman, Andrew Dawson, Anu Deshmukh, and Prof. Justin Caram.

Photos by Penny Jennings, UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.