2014 Surf City Marathon

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UCLA undergraduate student Emily Gordon (Biochemistry major and member of the UCLA Triathlon team) won the 2014 Surf City Marathon, held on February 2, 2014.

runsurfcity.com: Over 18,000 runners from 34 countries enjoyed ideal running conditions in beautiful Huntington Beach! The perfect temperatures and light breezes made for a very fast day for thousands of runners, with many personal bests.

Emily Gordon, 21, from Los Angeles broke the Women’s Marathon Course Record with a time of 2:39:58. This qualifies Emily for the Olympic Trials and the $1,000 course record bonus!

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Left: Emily Gordon (Courtesy of runsurfcity.com), Right: Emily Gordon & Friends (Courtesy of Barbara Morucci)

In her inaugural race last October, she also won the Nike Women’s Marathon, held in San Francisco, CA.  Her winning time was 2:51:56.  The Department would like to congratulate Emily and wish her continued success in her future races!