Welcoming our new graduate student cohort

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A welcome party for first-year Chemistry & Biochemistry graduate students was held in the Court of Sciences patio on Friday, September 20, 2019. This year, we welcome 65 new graduate students; 16 joining our Biochemistry, Molecular Biology (BMSB) graduate program, and 49 joining our chemistry graduate program. Students, faculty, and staff enjoyed pizza and beer at the reception which was co-hosted by the Chemistry & Biochemistry Graduate Office and the Chemistry & Biochemistry Graduate Student Association (CBGSA). CBGSA members sold special Chemistry & Biochemistry mugs at the event.
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(Left) First-year graduate student Santiago Vargas with graduate students Patricia Poths and Zerina Mehmedovic. (Right ) First-year graduate student Brandon Jolly with graduate students Roselyn Rodrigues and Julia Cheng. 

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(Left) Graduate student Hannah Friedman snaps a photo of first-year year graduate students Allison Hacker, Bee Farnsworth, Tony Moreno, Mariah Gomez and Helen Cumberbatch. (Right) Graduate student Zach Hern shows off the pizza.

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(Left) First-year graduate student Grace Kunkel with graduate student Priera Panescu. (Right) Graduate students Yi Shen, Shijie Deng, Wenjing Wei and Woojin Lee.

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(Left) First-year graduate students Austin Ready, Claire Dickerson and Kenneth Mei. (Right) Graduate students Mit Muni, Daniel Baumann, Andrew Dawson and Andrian Gomez.

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(Left) Graduate student Carter Lantz, postdoc Dr. Muhammad Zenaidee and graduate student Benqian Weis. (Right) Chemistry & Biochemistry faculty members Professors Justin Caram, Chong Liu, and Keriann Backus.

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Graduate students (from left) Kevin Cannon, Kevin Cheung, Erin Avery, and Taylor Aubry-Komin and Kierstyn Anderson, Yueying Wang, and Rebecca Kubena.  

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(Left) First-year graduate students Nikolas Burton, Joseph Treacy, Matthew McVeigh, Lisa Boatner and Michael Guile. (Right) Kathryn Mansfield Messina, postdoc Dr. Evan Darzi and Mikayla Tan.

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(Left) First-year graduate student Roberto Chavez and postdoc Dr. Morgan Howe. (Right) Graduate student Stanislav Popov, undergraduate researcher Daniel Lin, graduate students Zhenqi Zhao, Erika Aguiluz Ramirez, Sabina Cabrera, Rachel Knapp, Benjamin Wigman and Maximilian McCallum.

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(Left) Graduate students Jason Chari, Katie Spence, Rachel Knapp, Milauni Mehta and Edris Rivera. (Right) Staff members Dr. Stephanie Hotz and Nick Baerg.

Photos by Penny Jennings, UCLA Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, penny@chem.ucla.edu.