Welcoming New Undergraduate Students

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On the day before instruction officially began, the department held its fifth annual welcome reception for new undergraduate students.  

The undergraduate office invited over 400 incoming first-year majors and over 90 incoming transfer students to Young Hall 2033 for an informal reception where they met faculty, current students, student group leaders, and undergraduate advisors. 

Select photos can be viewed below and a photo gallery of additional photos can be viewed here.

At the event held on September 24, 2019, the new Bruins were able to speak to the instructors and faculty who would go on to lead their courses for the rest of the quarter as well as meet their fellow classmates. Department Chair Professor Neil Garg, as well as several other faculty members, attended the event and encouraged the new students to get to know the faculty and teaching assistants by attending office hours, or even just stopping by their office.

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(Left) Department Chair Professor Neil Garg welcomed the new students and answered their questions.

Members of the Beta Gamma Chapter of the Alpha Chi Sigma fraternity (AXE), Student Members of the American Chemical Society (SMACS), and Biochem ASE were on hand to help with the event and welcome the new students.  

The event was a great way for these ambitious and accomplished students to start the year. Perhaps even most importantly, the event gave the incoming chemistry and biochemistry undergraduate students the opportunity to meet each other.  

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Pictured above, snapshots of our facullty and our new students at the event.

1. (Left) Alpha Chi Sigma member Maya Pathuri (far right). (Right) Undergraduate advisor Denise Mantonya (center).

2. (Left) Professor Richard Weiss.

3. (Right) Professor William Gelbart.

4. (Left) Instructor Dr. Hung Pham.

5. (Right) Instructor Dr. Agape Awad.

6. (Left) Volunteers from Alpha Chi Sigma and BiochemASE. (Right) Department Chair Professor Neil Garg.

7. (Far right) Instructor Dr. Anne Hong-Hermesdorf.

Photos by Penny Jennings, penny@chem.ucla.edu, penny@chem.ucla.edu.