Welcoming new graduate student cohort

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A welcome party for first-year Chemistry & Biochemistry graduate students was held in the Court of Sciences patio on Friday, September 21, 2018.

This year, we welcome 59 new graduate students; seven joining our Biochemistry, Molecular Biology (BMSB) graduate program, and 52 joining our chemistry graduate program.

Students, faculty, and staff enjoyed pizza and beer at the reception which was co-hosted by the Chemistry & Biochemistry Graduate Office and the Chemistry & Biochemistry Graduate Student Association (CBGSA). CBGSA members sold special Chemistry & Biochemistry mugs at the event.

092118 Montage 1

(Left) Graduate students Marcus Jellen and Vincent Hipwell sell Chemistry & Biochemistry mugs at the reception. (Right) Professor Craig Merlic and NMR TA Zhiyu Liu shop for mugs.

092118 Montage 2

(Left) Graduate advisor Annie Carpenter and undergraduate advisor Sarah Eguchi.  (Right) Graduate students Matthew Voss, Paul Sieminski, Samuel DeMario, Anthony Sica, and postdoc Dr. Timothy Atallah.

092118 Montage 4

(Left) The reception in the Court of Sciences patio.  (Right) Graduate students Jonelle White, Ivan Ramirez, and Nicole Lynn.

092118 Montage 5

(Left) Graduate students Jessica Logan, Edris Rivera, and Anna Kataki-Anastasakou.  (Right) Students played games at the event outside Young Hall.

092118 Montage 6

(Left) Moritz Junker, German exchange student from RWTH Aachen, and Dr. T.C. Ong, Magnetic Resonance Staff Scientist. (Right) Graduate students Monica Pengshung, Margeaux Miller, Nik Theopold, and Anthony Spearman.

092118 Montage 7

(Left) Postdoc Dr. Jian Cao, graduate student Ernest Armenta and Bakus lab member José Omar Castellón. (Right) Graduate students Roselyn Rodrigues, Winston Odom, and Maya Segal

092118 Montage 8

(Left) Graduate students Andrew Dawson, Daniel Baumann, Patrick Yee, and graduate student advisor Justyna Wojtach. (Right) Graduate students Daniel Robertson, Charlene Salamat, Natalie Kashanchi, and Rebecca Kubena.

092118 Montage 9

(Left) Graduate students Kyle Meador, Nicole Lynn, Matthew Agdanowski, Janine Fu, Hannah Bailey, and Dylan Valencia. (Right) Graduate students Morris Dweck, Patricia Poths, Zerina Mehmedovic, and Ani Mustafa.

092118 Montage 10

(Left) Dr. Rachel Loo, Dr. T.C. Ong, Divisional Assistants Monica Sandoval Perez and Emerson Ang, Professor Joe Loo, Divisional Assistant Marla Gonzalez. (Right) Graduate student advisor Nick Baerg and graduate student Patrick Yee watch over the 25 pizzas served at the event.

Photos by Penny Jennings, UCLA Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry.