Visiting student researchers present their research at 2nd SPUR poster session

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SPUR1610wk small

The student researchers who participated in the SPUR ten week programs presented their research at the poster session.

The Summer Programs for Undergraduate and Graduate Research Program (SPUR/GR) poster session took place at Hersey Hall on Wednesday, August 24, 2016.

Several students conducted research in UCLA Chemistry and Biochemistry laboratories for ten weeks this summer. Students at the poster session visited UCLA as part of several SPUR summer programs – Amgen Scholars Program; Beckman Scholars Program; CARE Science, Engineering and Mathematics (CARE SEM SPUR); Claire Booth Luce; Santa Monica College/UCLA Summer Scholars Research Program (SMC/UCLA SSRP); and University of California Leadership Excellence through Advanced Degrees (UC LEADS) program. 

Visiting students participating in SPUR eight week programs presented their research at the first SPUR Week 8 Poster Session on Thursday, August 12, 2016.  

SPUR1610wk 1
UCLA undergraduate Azin Saebi explains her research.  Nicholas Higdon (UCSB) with his poster.

SPUR1610wk 2
Karli Holman (Westmont College) with her graduate student mentor Nicholas Weires. UCLA undergraduate Liya Oster explains her research.

SPUR1610wk 3
UCLA undergraduate Kathryn Bremer explains her research.  Roberto Chavez (Santa Monica College) with his poster.

SPUR1610wk 4
Madeline Riffel (UCLA) explains her research.  Prof. and Chair Catherine Clarke with mentee Praveen Sahabandu (Santa Monica College).

SPUR1610wk 5
Jay Gietzelt (Santa Monica College) with her poster.  Timur Katsnelson (Santa Monica College) explains his research.

SPUR1610wk 6
Sara Volz (MIT) explains her research.  Poster session participants (from left) Nikkie Singh and Ronnie Garcia (UCLA), Karli Holman.

SPUR1610wk 7

Members of Prof. Margot Quinlan (center) group – Emma Carley, Aanard Patel, and poster session participant Kathryn Bremer.  UCLA undergraduate Gary Shmorgon explains his research.

Photos by Penny Jennings/UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.