Video: 115th UCLA Faculty Research Lecture

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Professor Richard Kaner’s presentation at the 115th UCLA Faculty Research Lecture (held on February 5, 2014) is now available for viewing.

The biannual Faculty Research Lecture at UCLA presents the work of the university’s most distinguished scholars. Its purpose is to recognize their superb achievements, and give the campus and the greater community an opportunity to gain a new perspective on scholarly achievements and the viewpoints of  the faculty honored.

The first UCLA Faculty Research Lecture was presented in 1925. In 1986, the program was expanded to two lectures each year: one from the natural sciences or engineering, the other from humanities, social disciplines or creative arts.

The Faculty Research Lectures have spanned the scope of new knowledge created at UCLA, including the functions of the brain, the evolution of the earth and nature, innovations in the exploration of literature and the arts, global security, landmarks in archaeological discovery, discoveries in the molecular realm, the core of our galaxy, fundamental constructs of human morality, and the Supreme Court and constitutional law.

115th UCLA Faculty Research Lecture

Richard B. Kaner

Distinguished Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Distinguished Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

A Quest for New Materials: Superhard Metals, Conducting Polymers and Graphene

Source: UCLA OID