UCLA to Offer Chemistry Lab Classes During the Weekend

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The UCLA Chemistry and Biochemistry Department will begin offering some beginning laboratory classes on the weekend next quarter in response to growing student demand.

UCLA Daily Bruin (by Kenneth Surajat): The department will offer Saturday classes for the Chemistry 14 lab series – CHEM 14BL and CHEM 14CL – as part of a pilot program to see if added times will alleviate the congestion caused by increased student enrollment, said Neil Garg, vice chair of the department.

The number of life sciences students enrolled in UCLA has been increasing by at least 200 over the past two years, according to the UCLA Office of Analysis and Information Management’s website. The increase has led to heightened competition for students to get into prerequisite classes such as the beginning chemistry lab series, Garg said.

Money to fund the additional classes will come from the University Academic Initiative Fund, which provides funding for projects that focus on increasing the efficiency of classes and the curriculum, Garg said.

The new weekend lab classes will be held in Young Hall, according to the schedule of classes posted on the UCLA Registrar’s Office website. Both classes are scheduled to be offered at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.

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