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Many exciting things are happening in the UCLA Molecular Instrumentation Center (MIC)!  

In addition to sharing our news, we’d like to praise the current nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) graduate student teaching assistants (TAs) (pictured below) Nanette Jarenwattananon (Bouchard lab), Nicholas Knutson (Rubin lab) and Jeff McCormick (Bouchard lab), for training a large number of new users, scheduling extra training sessions, etc. 

Many thanks also to graduate student Neil Quebbemann (Loo lab) (second photo below) who has been fundamental in the training of new users on our MALDI TOF Mass Spectrometer since the beginning of the summer.

The NMR TAs with their “beloved” Bruker 600 NMR machine (from left) Nicholas Knutson, Jeff McCormick and Nanette Jarenwattananon.  “You can quote me” said Nanette, “the Bruker 600 is my BFF (best friend forever)”.

Here are the exciting things that are on the horizon for MIC: 

  • Dr. Ta-Chung “TC” Ong, who has just finished his post-doc at ETH Zurich, has accepted the staff scientist position in NMR and will be starting in mid-September.
  • The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded another Major Research Instrumentation grant to MIC which will allow us to buy a new SQuID magnetometer in the near future, with exciting new capabilities.
  • A new Mass Spectrometer has been purchased and it will be delivered by the end of September.  
  • Mass Specrometrists are still being interviewed for a new position in that unit and on-site interviews will be taking place soon.
  • The new Solid State NMR is already running wideline experiments and we expect it to be ready to run high resolution solid-state NMR in the next few weeks!  It is housed with the 800 MHz instrument.
  • The new MIC website will be live before the end of the summer.

DSC 5025
Graduate student Neil Quebbemann with MIC’s MALDI TOF Mass Spectrometer.

Previous MIC news reports are available here – July 2016.

Photos by Penny Jennings – UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.