UCLA Bruin Day

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UCLA Bruin Day

On April 13th, the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry welcomed thousands of future Bruins and their families for UCLA’s Annual ‘Bruin Day’ event. 

The event was designed to provide prospective students with an opportunity to visit UCLA and find out more about academics and life on campus.  

The Chemistry & Biochemistry booth was hosted by Denise Mantonya, Tim Mahlanza, and Mary Stirchak from our Undergraduate Student Affairs Office, while undergraduates from Alpha Chi Sigma and the Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society were also on-hand to greet the visitors.  Faculty members Miguel Garcia-Garibay (Professor and Chair) and Neil Garg (Associate Professor and Vice Chair) were also present to meet the students and families and Professor Garg gave a mock lecture for his Fiat Lux course, “Chemicals: Friends or Foes?.”

UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry Faculty, Staff, and Students

Chemistry & Biochemistry students answering questions for future Bruins

UCLA%20Bruin%20Day%203  IMG 3669
Chemistry & Biochemistry students welcoming future Bruins

IMG 3671
Prof. Miguel Garcia-Garibay (Chair) interacting with future Bruin families

Although this year was much colder than last, the event was a tremendous success.  Families took home fun souvenirs including pens, flyers, and even Chemistry & Biochemistry Beach Balls!

Welcome to all the new Bruins and families!