UBordeaux-UCLA Workshop on Polymers to be Held January 31-February 1

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Deming Timothy

Professor Tim Deming and Professor Sebastien Leccomandoux, from the University of Bordeaux, have organized the inaugural UBordeaux-UCLA Workshop on Polymers, to be held January 31-February 1 at the Getty Villa, Malibu and UCLA.

The workshop is meant to highlight similar interests between the scientific departments of UCLA and University of Bordeaux, to introduce opportunities for working partnerships among professors and students, and to examine various available funding options.

Presentations and discussions will center on the general topic of polymers, including the subject areas of polymer synthesis, organic electronics, complex fluids, and drug delivery, and will feature experts from UCLA and University of Bordeaux. Several faculty members in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry will be participating in the two-day workshop, including Tim Deming, Chair Miguel Garcia-Garibay, Dean Robin Garrell, William Gelbart, Richard Kaner, Alex Levine, Thomas Mason, Heather Maynard, and Gerard Wong.

The event is sponsored by the UCLA Bioengineering Department, the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, the UCLA Clinical and Translational Science Institute, the Consulate General of France in Los Angeles, the French Embassy, Labex Amadeus, Idex Bordeaux, and the University of Bordeaux.