The 2024 Organic Graduate Symposium

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This year’s annual Organic Graduate Symposium on June 14, 2024, featured brilliant talks by nine chemistry graduate students.

The annual Organic Graduate Symposium provides a forum for organic chemistry graduate students in their final year to present their dissertation research at UCLA to their peers, researchers, and faculty. The symposium is open to everyone in the department and to the friends and families of the presenters. Each student speaker is introduced by either a faculty member, a member of their lab, or a friend.

Research talks were presented by Nikolas Burton (Backus group), Ana Bulger (Garg group), Vivian Dao (Deming group), Grace Kunkel (Maynard group), Matthew McVeigh (Garg group), Tony Moreno (Kwon group), Lily Sloan (Deming group), Billy Treacy (Maynard and Houk groups), and Laura Wonilowicz (Garg group).

Symposium organizer Prof. Abigail Doyle and her children Konrad and Leah, who timed the speakers.
Graduate student speakers Vivian Dao and Matthew McVeigh.
Graduate student Roberto Chavez introduces speaker Tony Moreno.
Graduate students speakers Matthew McVeigh, Ana Bulger, and Laura Wonilowicz.

A lively audience of students, faculty, friends, and many parents of the soon-to-be Ph.D. graduates, enjoyed the chemistry presentations, along with a variety of tasty refreshments and lunch.

Graduate student speaker Billy Treacy during his talk.
Profs. Soumitra Athavale and Ken Houk, enjoying the event.

Symposium organizer Professor Abigail Doyle gave a wonderful introduction to the event, noting the paths of these students from their entry into the graduate program, through the discoveries they made in the lab, to the symposium, the capstone of their Ph.D.s. Her children, Konrad and Leah, ages eight and ten, kept everyone on time.

Prof. Neil Garg with Ph.D. graduates from his group.
Prof. Abigail Doyle and her children, Leah and Konrad.

Staff members Isaiah Gutierrez, Rebecca Letts, and Brandon Lindo did a great job organizing and ensuring the smooth running of the whole event. For more details about the symposium, click here for the event flier.

Prof. Abigail Doyle applauds all the speakers.
Roberto Chavez, helping Tony Moreno get set up, with Isaiah Gutierrez helping out.

Congratulations to all the presenters!

Many thanks to Prof. Ken Houk for the article and photos.