Summer Programs for Undergraduate Research (SPUR) poster session

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Undergraduate summer researchers from SPUR ten-week programs presented their posters at the August 29, 2019 poster session at Ackerman Union.

The poster session is the culminating experience for our ten-week student researchers in SPUR programs. Select photos can be viewed below and a photo gallery of additional photos can be viewed here.

The students were from various SPUR programs including Amgen Scholars; CARE Science, Engineering and Math (SEM) Summer Research Scholars; and UC LEADS Scholars. 

The poster session for SPUR students in the 8-week program took place on August 15, 2019.  Learn more about our undergraduate researchers here.

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The poster session took place in the Bruin Reception Room at Ackerman Union. UCLA undergraduate researcher Dean Neutel (CARE SEM Scholar, Chanfreau group) explains his research.

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UCLA Undergraduate researcher Jamel Simpson (CARE SEM Scholar) with faculty advisor Professor Margot Quinlan. Undergraduate researcher Oanh Huynh (CARE SEM Scholar, Wolman group) explains her research. 

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(Left) UCLA undergraduate researcher Abby Thurm (Amgen Scholar, Gelbart/Knobler group) explains her research. Scripps undergraduate researcher Annabel Vernon (Amgen Scholar, S. Clarke group) (second from left) with her graduate student mentor Troy Lowe (at her right) and Clarke group members.

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(Left) UCLA undergraduate researcher Olivia Leland (Chemistry Scholar) with faculty advisor Professor Ellen Sletten. (Right) UCLA undergraduate researcher Jorge Cardenas (CARE SEM Scholar, Rodriguez group).

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(Left) UCLA undergraduate researcher Andy Nguyen (UC LEADS Scholar) with faculty advisor Professor Margot Quinlan. (Right) UC Riverside undergraduate researcher Partho Paul (UC LEADS Scholar, Nelson group) with his graduate student mentor Brian Shao. 

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(Left) UCLA undergraduate researcher Indya Weathers (CARE SEM Scholar, Chanfreau group) explains her research. (Right) UCLA undergraduate researcher Luke Elissiry (Amgen Scholar, Liu group).

Photos and article by Penny Jennings, UCLA Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry,