STEAM Nation 2014

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Chemistry & Biochemistry graduate students represented UCLA at STEAM Nation 2014, one of the largest events in LA County celebrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math education (STEAM).

STEAM Nation is an organization aiming to promote science, technology, engineering, arts, and math subjects to elementary and middle school students in the Los Angeles area. STEAM Nation 2014 was held at the West LA College on October 18 and the event was designed to give the Los Angeles community an opportunity to come together, to inspire children, to see themselves as a part of this national movement, and to ignite a passion in the future creators of new technology.

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UCLA Chemistry Booth at STEAM Nation 2014

The UCLA Chemistry booth, hosted by UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry graduate students (organized by Ray Gamache), demonstrated the “Magic Milk” experiment to various groups of young attendees. The experiment involved creating a color wheel utilizing the polar and nonpolar components of detergent to separate the fat and proteins in milk. The children enjoyed being able to perform the demonstration themselves and were happy to learn that they could also show it to their parents at home, since it utilized household goods. It was the first exposure to hands-on chemistry for many attendees and a great experience for the graduate student volunteers to be able to inspire the next generation.

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UCLA grad students performing the experiment with young attendees