Scientific Reports’ Top 100 in Physics

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Jim Gimzewski and alum Adam Stieg are part of team whose paper is #3 on Nature’s Scientific Reports top 100 downloaded physics papers published in 2019. 

Steigsmall 0In the paper “Emergent dynamics of neuromorphic nanowire networks”, published on October 17, 2019, the international research team reported on their significant progress towards the goal of creating thinking machines. Led by researchers at Japan’s National Institute for Materials Science, the team created an experimental device that exhibited characteristics analogous to certain behaviors of the brain – learning, memorization, forgetting, wakefulness and sleep. Their research was featured in UCLA Newsroom and the Daily Bruin, as well as many other media resources.  Pictured right is Dr. Adam Stieg, Ph.D. ’17.

Scientific Reports’ annual list of the top 100 downloaded physics papers recognizes “authors from around the world” whose papers “feature valuable research from an international community”.

The study’s first author, Adrian Diaz-Alvarez, is from the International Center for Material Nanoarchitectonics at Japan’s National Institute for Materials Science. Co-authors include Tomonobu Nakayama and Rintaro Higuchi, also of NIMS; and Zdenka Kuncic at the University of Sydney in Australia.

To learn more about Gimzewski’s research, visit his group’s website

Penny Jennings, UCLA Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry,