Professor Shimon Weiss Receives Humboldt Research Award

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Weiss Shimon

Professor Shimon Weiss was selected to receive a Humboldt Research Award for his lifetime achievements in research, after being nominated by Prof. Dr. Joerg Enderlein from the Universitaet Goettingen, Germany.

As a recipient of a Humboldt Research Award, Weiss will have the opportunity to collaborate on research projects of his choice with likeminded experts at a university in Germany for one year.

The Humboldt Foundation is geared toward enabling collaborations between scientists and scholars around the world, and awards a hundred Humboldt Research Awards annually. The Humboldt Research Award recognizes researchers who have made significant contributions to their fields and are expected to continue to do so, considering their full academic careers to date. The foundation maintains a network of 25,000 Humboldt Foundation alumni worldwide, known as the Humboldtians. More information about the Humboldt Research Award can be found here.