Professor Jorge Torres Named a 2013 Cottrell Scholar by Research Corporation for Science Advancement (RCSA)

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Professor Jorge Torres was named one of thirteen 2013 Cottrell Scholars by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement (RCSA), recognizing his scientific contributions to research and his commitment to undergraduate education.

Cottrell Scholar Awards are awarded to exceptional early-career educators in the physical sciences and related fields, and only about 10 percent of applicants pass the rigorous peer-review process. In addition to presenting innovative research proposals, the Cottrell Scholars are expected to be innovative teachers of undergraduate science students. Professor Torres’ proposed project was centered on compounds that inhibit cell division. He plans on analyzing several compounds to determine which proteins they target, and on incorporating this research into a new course for undergraduate students.

“This study will have an immediate impact on the field of cell biology by providing critical tools which can be used to dissect and increase our understanding of the fundamental mechanisms required for cell division,” Torres said.

Cottrell Scholars also become members of the Cottrell Scholars Collaborative, a network of educators who meet annually to discuss techniques for increasing the number of undergraduate science majors.

RCSA was founded in 1912, and is a private foundation that aids basic research in the physical sciences (astronomy, chemistry, physics, and related fields) at U.S. colleges and universities. More information about the Cottrell Scholar Awards can be found here.