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PBS NewsHour is calling for feedback from STEM Undergraduate and Graduate Students and Postdocs on why they chose to focus on basic research. Submissions are due by March 14, 2014.

From PBS NewsHour:

To All Those Interested in Basic Research,

All too often basic research is misunderstood, yet it truly is the foundation for so many discoveries. The PBS NewsHour recently launched a new series on basic research that tries to capture the excitement of those discoveries that come from long hours in the lab.

So far we have reported on the search for dark matter, and on what  microscopic worms can teach us about immunity.

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PBS NewsHour Team (Credit: PBS NewsHour)

We want to know more about why students who are focusing on basic research have made that decision. What about it excites you? Frustrates you? Keeps you awake—or makes you want to stay awake—all night?   Whether it’s an aspect of your research, your mice, your lab, your teammates, your professors, just tell us – and show us – why it matters to you.

Here’s how:

• Show us in a six-second Vine and tag @NewsHour.

• Share with us in an Instagram video and tag @NewsHour, or send us a direct message with your video.

• Upload a short video to YouTube (no more than 1:00) and title it “Hey NewsHour, this is why I chose basic research” (or some other title we can search for in YouTube). 

We believe your participation will help people understand the importance of basic research. 

We look forward to hearing from you.  The deadline for this project is March 14.  If you have any questions, please email me at pparson@newshour.org.

Many thanks

Patti Parson