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Duan Small 15 0

A team of UCLA researchers led by Professor Xiangfeng Duan have recently developed a novel material for use in flexible, printed electronics.

High Performance Thin Films from Solution Processible Two-Dimensional Nanoplates

The researchers from the Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Materials Science started by carefully growing two-dimensional nanoplates and then suspending them in solution to make colloidal ink. The nanoplate ink can be directly printed onto plastic substrates, while the colloidal nature of the ink reduces clumping and allows for uniform deposition. The resulting thin film is highly conductive due to the high surface area connectivity that results from the stacked nanoplates. The nanostructure additionally allows for the greater mechanical compliance needed in flexible applications. The nanoplate ink allows for highly conductive thin films to be directly printed onto flexible plastic substrates. The invention has applications for printed electronics, flexible electronics, and conformal, conductive coatings.

The posting for this invention can be found on the UCLA Office of Intellectual Property & Industry Sponsored Research website.

Learn more about Professor Duan’s research on his group’s homepage.