New online photo gallery honors former non-ladder faculty & staff

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The new website pays tribute to former long-time Chemistry & Biochemistry non-ladder faculty and staff who have been key contributors to the department.

Click here to view the website. “Our staff plays an essential role at every level in the department’s programs of teaching and research” the website states. “While we recognize the achievements of all of the staff, there are many who have had long careers. We thank them for their important contributions and service.”

The photo gallery honors many of the long-time non-ladder faculty and staff of the department

Included on the website are photos of former non-ladder faculty; business office staff; shops, storerooms, labs staff; student advisors; computing staff; library staff; lab managers; Chair’s office staff; secretaries; and researchers.

Contributions of missing photos and/or information are welcomed!  Please send to Max Kopelevich at