MRS 2023 Fall Meeting Graduate Student Silver Award

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Aamir Hassan Shah

Ph.D. student Aamir Hassan Shah (Duan group) is one of 15 students nationwide selected for a prestigious Materials Research Society (MRS) 2023 Fall Meeting Graduate Student Silver Award.

Selection for the award is highly competitive – Aamir was the only UC recipient for Fall 2023. Many of the previous winners have moved on to highly distinguished careers, as well as to leadership positions within the Materials Research Society. The recipients were honored at the 2023 MRS Fall Meeting in December.

The highly competitive MRS Graduate Student Awards are intended to honor and encourage graduate students whose academic achievements and current materials research display a high level of excellence and distinction. Aamir is the only UC graduate student to receive the award for Fall 2023.

Aamir gave a Graduate Student Award Finalists’ Special Talk at the Fall 2023 MRS meeting in Boston in November. In his talk, Aamir discussed his research on “Fundamental Understanding of Electrode-Electrolyte Interface in Hydrogen Evolution Reaction (HER)”.

Aamir joined UCLA’s material chemistry graduate program in 2019, working with Professor Xiangfeng Duan on the challenging but crucial issue of electrode-electrolyte interface investigation. Aamir is also recipient of FALL 2023 CATL-ChemCatBio Graduate student travel award for ACS meeting, Thomas and Ruth Excellence in research award, Charles E. & Sue K. Young graduate student award and Dissertation year fellowship.

Penny Jennings, UCLA Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry,