Laboratory and Fire Safety Training

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As new researchers join research groups this summer, it is important that they receive appropriate safety training.

All new researchers (faculty, postdocs, students, research staff, visitors, and anyone else performing research) in the Department must complete the “Laboratory Safety Fundamental Concepts” and “Hands-on Fire Extinguisher Training”. Information for the safety training can be found on the EH&S website.

Please note that the information on registering for the “Hands-on Fire Extinguisher Training” asks trainees to complete and submit an online Facilities Service Request (FSR), which asks for a “department blanket # and tag #”. This is NOT required for UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry.  Please inform EH&S that the new researcher is with the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and they will waive the FSR requirement. Other safety training through EH&S (i.e. Biosafety, Laser Safety, Radiation Safety) will depend on research activities.

In addition, each research group should have lab-specific training in group meetings as needed based on the lab’s activities.

Please visit the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Health & Safety web page for more information.