KCET ReWire’s Most Popular Stories of 2013

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An article featuring the research of Professor Ric Kaner has been named as KCET ReWire’s Most Popular Story of 2013.

KCET ReWire: More Good News About The ‘Scientific Accident That May Change The World’: An astonishing 479,000 people read this story the day after we posted it February 21, making it the most-visited ReWire story ever. Technically a followup to [the] February 19 piece “Battery Viral Video: Legitimate or Too Good to Be True?“, [KCET ReWire’s] coverage of the work Ric Kaner and his colleagues at UCLA have been doing on graphene supercapacitors apparently resonated with the online zeitgeist. Getting frontpaged on Reddit and linked to by Farhad Manjoo at Slate helped booost your visits, though having more than 20,000 people like the story on Facebook certainly didn’t hurt.

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What’s new since February? A wide range of reserachers have been looking at ways to incorporate graphene — a single-atom-thick sheet of pure carbon — into electronics to achieve various ends from power storage to semiconductance. So far the substance is pure potential, but as for tangible results? Maybe we’ll see in 2014.

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