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Postdoctoral scholar Maher El-Kady was the featured guest on the show which is produced by the largest media company in the Middle East and North Africa.

El-Kady was interviewed by Sherif Amer on the TV show “Happening in Egypt”, produced by the MRC Group. The interview aired live on MBC Masr on September 11, 2017. El-Kady and Amer discussed everything from the future of batteries and electric vehicles to advancing science education in Egypt and the Middle East. 

El-Kady is leading research that could revolutionize the way we rely on batteries. He is currently developing new materials that promise smaller, completely flexible and even rollable energy storage devices.  

El-Kady is working in the laboratory of Professor Richard Kaner, Distinguished professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry and Materials Science & Engineering, and the California NanoSystems Institute. Together, El-Kady and Kaner have developed groundbreaking energy storage devices based on one atom-thick two-dimensional sheets of carbon known as graphene. 

The interview can be watched here (short clip) or here (full version). More than 125,000 on MBC Masr Facebook page already viewed it. The interview was also highlighted by Al-Ahram, a daily newspaper having the widest circulation of any newspaper in Egypt.

A native of Egypt, El-Kady received his Master of Science in Physical Chemistry from Cairo University in 2009 and his Ph.D. degree in chemistry from UCLA in 2013. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher in Kaner’s group, and Chief Technology Officer at Nanotech Energy where he and Kaner are working on converting their graphene supercapacitors research from the laboratory scale to mass production.

El-Kady and Kaner’s research has been highlighted in many prestigious journals and magazines including National Geographic, Scientific American and USA Today

To learn more about the Kaner group’s research, visit their website.

ElKady Maher

Interviewer Sherif Amer (Left) with postdoctoral scholar Dr. Maher El-Kady (Right). 

Photo credit: MBC Group