Intermittent Fasting: Enduring the Hunger Pangs

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Prof. Valter Longo (UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry Alumnus) was interviewed by BBC News about a clinical trial of a diet that may boost resistance to some diseases and lead to weight loss.

Valter Longo, a Professor of Biological Sciences at USC, Director of the USC Longevitiy Institute, and alumnus of UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry (Ph.D. 1997, Valentine Group) was interviewed in a BBC News piece titled, “Intermittent Fasting: Enduring the Hunger Pangs,” discussing the clinical testing of a diet that may lead to positive cellular changes resulting from fasting.

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Prof. Longo studies the fundamental mechanisms of aging in yeast, mice, and humans by using genetics and biochemistry techniques. His research seeks to identify the molecular pathways conserved from simple organisms to humans that can be modulated to protect against multiple stresses and treat or prevent cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, and other diseases of aging. The focus of his research is on the signal transudation pathways that regulate resistance to oxidative damage in yeast and mice. 

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Photo Courtesy of USC School of Gerontology