gBSA Trivia Night and Costume Contest

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gBSA Trivia Contest

The UCLA graduate Biochemistry Student Association (gBSA) held a Trivia Night and Costume Contest on October 27, 2023.

The UCLA Graduate Biochemistry Student Association (gBSA) is a student-run organization whose goal is to “promote camaraderie between students, share knowledge, and offer opportunities to better prepare ourselves for future careers.” gBSA organizes social events, as well as multiple outreach and career development opportunities open to all graduate students throughout the year.

Approximately 90 people across the multiple home programs attended Trivia Night in Boyer Hall 159 and are pictured here patiently waiting for the festivities to start!

Approximately 90 people attended the event in Boyer Hall 159. 15 teams (six members per team) competed in the Trivia Contest and the team named “Idk yet” (pictured above) received 1st place with 37 points. (The trivia team final rankings are listed below.) Team “Let Adrian Cook” won the crowd’s hearts (and votes!) during the costume competition, earning themselves 1st place.

Winning Costume Contest team, “Let Adrian Cook”, left to right: Dan Ferriss (rotating Koehler lab), Suraj Srinivasan (rotating Wollman lab), Nithesh Perumal (rotating Backus lab), Adrian McFarland (rotating Lawson lab), Marvin Onwukwe (rotating Shah lab), In Kyu Yang (rotating Schmitt lab). (Note that Adrian is the only team member wearing a costume. The team’s costume is related to an inside joke between the BMSB cohorts.)
(Left) The winning Trivia Contest team, “Idk yet”, left to right: Thomas Underwood (Wollman lab), Becky Jenkins (Rodriguez lab), Josh Dolinsky (Eisenberg lab), Natalie Schibrowsky (Rodriguez lab), Gunalan Natesan (Shah and Deeds labs), Aihui Wang (rotating Shah lab).
Idk yet371st
Hydrolyzers (defending champs)332nd
Specifically Going to Beat Angela332nd
Bingo Dino DNA323rd
Spooky Trivia323rd
Team TOMO305th
The Rejects305th
Small Batch, Handcrafted, Artisanal Trivia Team296th
The Cysteine Chapel296th
The Doylies296th
Let Adrian Cook287th
We will figure one out lol.98th
gBSA Board Members, left to right: Merin Rixen (Co-President, Loo and Quinlan labs), Eileen Olivares (Treasurer, Loo lab), Kayla Rich (Events Coordinator, Torres lab), Alexandra Turmon (Co-President, Backus lab), and Aldo Munoz (Philanthropy Coordinator, Rodriguez lab).

For more information about gBSA, contact Merin Rixen ( or Alex Turmon (