Fall 2013 Chemistry & Biochemistry New Graduate Student Cohort

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Garg Recruit

With 79 new graduate students, the Fall 2013 graduate student cohort is among the largest incoming classes in the history of the department.

The incoming Fall 2013 graduate student class will be comprised of 66 graduate students for the Chemistry program and 13 graduate students for the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology program.

In Fall 2012, the department began offering additional specialization areas, adding analytical chemistry, bioenergy and the environment, biophysics, materials and nanoscience, metabolism, aging and development, structural and computation biology, system biology and biological regulation, and theory and computation to the existing biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry areas. While the department has seen an increase in applications over the past several years, it’s clear the addition of the new specializations has attracted a diverse set of interests among the incoming student body. 

Bill Gelbart meeting with potential graduate students during recruitment

This year’s Chemistry and Biochemistry class welcomes 27 students from various UC campuses, five of whom are UCLA undergraduates. The incoming class represents a total of 20 states and six countries. Thirteen international students will join the cohort, and one­-third of the class is female. The average GRE quantitative score for the incoming students is at 82%.

Article and photos courtesy of Tom Cahoon and Melissa Woehrstein of the UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry Graduate Office.