Explore Your Universe 2013

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Photos from UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry CBGSA, AXE, and SMACS booths at Explore Your Universe 2013 are now available for viewing online.

UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry Graduate Students Association (CBGSA), Alpha Chi Sigma (AXE), and Student Members of the American Chemical Society (SMACS) hosted booths at Explore Your Universe (EYU) 2013, held on November 17. EYU, a free public outreach event held on the UCLA campus every year in the Fall showcases science from departments across UCLA through hundreds of fun, hands-on activities, demonstrations, and experiments for all ages. More than 4,000 visitors of all ages attended the event this year.

Some of the demonstrations hosted by UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry students included the Elephant Toothpaste (CBGSA demonstration of the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide which releases a gas, thus creating foam), Dissolving M&Ms (SMACS experiment associated with chemistry in food), and At-Home Lava Lamp (CBGSA demonstration of how alka-seltzer reacts with water to create a gas which forces water/gas through a layer of oil; since oil and water to not mix, the water bubbles return to the water layer, thus creating the ‘lava lamp’ effect).

DSC 0030 DSC 0028DSC 0018 DSC 0024Interested%20Children
Elephant%20Toothpaste Ploy
Yeast%20Balloon Children%20observing%20M%26Ms