Eric Scerri’s interview with Science Studio

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UCLA chemistry lecturer and author Eric Scerri discussed his research and philosophy on chemistry with science show host Dr Keith Pannell.

Science Studio is a fascinating 30-minute look into the ever progressing world of science. For nearly fifteen years, the show has taken in-depth looks into all aspects of scientific researches and discoveries. Scerri was interviewed by the program that aired on August 26, 2018

From the Science Studio website:

This week, we began a new season by welcoming Dr. Eric Scerri, author, chemist and a leading philosopher of science specializing in the history and philosophy of the periodic table. Dr. Scerri’s research includes chemical education and historical-philosophical questions such as the reduction of chemistry to quantum mechanics. He continues to work on the foundations of the periodic table, including whether it makes sense to speak of an ‘optimal’ table and the form such a table might take.


Dr. Eric Scerri

Scerri is the author or editor of ten books and a full-time lecturer in the UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief of the international journal Foundations of Chemistry which covers the history and philosophy of chemistry, and chemical education.  He was the historical consultant for the 2015 PBS docudrama Mystery of Matter: Search for the Elements in which he is interviewed extensively about the creator of the periodic table, Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev.  To learn more about Scerri, visit his website.

Dr. Scerri will also be giving a public lecture entitled, “What is this thing called science? An introduction to the Philosophy of Science,” at the Southern Calif. Mineralogical Society in Pasadena on Friday, 14th, September. Meetings are held at Pasadena City College, Dept of Geology and are open to the public.

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