Apr 17, 2015
Zhao Li
Zhao Li (graduate student in the Yung-Ya Lin group) has been selected for the 2015 Distinguished Teaching Award for Teaching Assistants.
UCLA Academic Senate's Committee on Teaching announced the winners on April 15, 2015. Only five such awards are made each year and each award will carry an honorarium of $2,500. A $20,000 Dissertation Year Fellowship Award from the UCLA Graduate Division will also be given to eligible teaching assistants who advance to candidacy by fall quarter. 
Zhao Li is currently a teaching assistant for Prof. Yung-Ya Lin's Chem 113B class.
The goal of the UCLA Academic Senate Teaching Award is to increase awareness of UCLA's leadership in teaching and public service by honoring individuals who bring respect and admiration to the scholarship of teaching. By recognizing teachers for their achievements, the award gives parents, donors and others insight to what makes UCLA "a beacon of excellence in higher education." These awards are an effective way to boost morale on campus and provide role models for faculty and students.  The following graduate student awardees for 2015 join a very select group of UCLA’s finest teachers:
Zhao Li, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Benjamin Court, Musicology
Sarah Nance, English
Patrick Reilly, Sociology
Jeffrey Bye, Psychology
Photos from Prof. Yung-Ya Lin's Physical Chemistry: Introduction to Molecular Spectroscopy C113B class for
which Zhao Li is a teaching assistant.  Prof. Lin (upper right photo) is Zhao's thesis advisor.
Zhao Li also joins several other former UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry graduate students who have received the honor.  Previous winners include:
1975   Wayne Evans
1976   Hsi-Chao Chow
1978   Rosemarie Szostak
1995   Nate Brandstater
1999   David Klein
2000   Dean Tantillo
2004   Jerome-Ieronymos Zoidakis
2007   Sadaf Sehati
2014   Rees Garmann
The winners will be honored and receive their award at the annual Andrea L. Rich Night to Honor Teaching Ceremony in Fall 2015.  The date of this event will be announced later this year.
Photos by Penny Jennings, UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.